We produce

Based on vitamins, minerals, proteins and plant fibers, we produce confectionery and nutritional products for children and adults, as well as other diverse products. These include sports nutrition, dietary items, drinking chocolates as well as medical brands and pet food supplements. On our production lines we manufacture all forms of tablets, powders, granules, capsules, coated tablets and film-coated tablets.

"There’s hardly any product format we can’t make for you!"

Rupert Hoffmann, General Manager Pit Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG


With our pharmaceuticals mixers, we can produce batches of powder mixtures from 150 kg to 2000 kg. On request, we can give each product the requested color and flavor – to your exact requirements.


We produce granulates for you with three different techniques:

  • Compacting (roller compacting) - Ideal for dust-free tablet pressing and to manufacture granulates for direct consumption (such as vitamin or minerals tablets)
  • Fluidized Bed Agglomeration - Exceptionally well suited for beverage powders and tablet pressing

Wet Granulation with Ring Layering Granulation Perfect for pressing tablets or for powder mixtures that cannot be realized with the two abovementioned processes


Based on powders and granulates, we manufacture a wide variety of tablets (compressed materials) on our rotary machines and eccentric presses. We offer you a selection of more than forty variants: from 5 mm to 90 mm diameters, from 60 mg to 70 g, in every conceivable round and special format. We can also readily develop special tablet forms that are completely customized to your demands.


We can fill hard-gelatin or cellulose capsules with nutritional supplements (powder or granulate) using our automatic capsule filling machines. We offer you capsule sizes 1 / 0 / 00 and produce starting at volumes > 50,000 capsules. For capsule size 0, there is also the possibility to fill the capsules with pellets (small speheres) (volume > 500,000 pieces).


As desired, we coat (dragée) tablets with sugar or glucose in traditional manner. Dragées manufactured in this way have a stable coating that protects the core. When manufacturing dragées we can additionally optimize the flavor, color, scent and surface of the original tablet.

Film Coated Tablets

On our modern equipment, we coat your tablets with special cellulose coatings. This provides the tablets with a protective coating that makes them less prone to outside influences such as water or oxygen. The coating polymers also cover up unpleasant flavors and make them easier to swallow.